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MVS audio visual experts deliver cost-effective video conferencing equipment for any room. Whatever size of Zoom Room you need, MVS can supply a superior range of cost-effective Zoom hardware solutions, which provide the high quality video, audio, content sharing and integration your team requires.

Trust our Zoom Gold Certified Integrator experts to ensure your meeting spaces perform perfectly, so everyone on your team can Zoom easily. We can also set you up with new Zoom licences, or upgrade your existing licence so you have the exact capabilities you need.

The Zoom hardware choices we offer are the result of our many years of experience in deploying successful video conferencing solutions in meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Zoom video conferencing transforms business communications
Zoom gold certified integrator

Unique Zoom hardware solutions that suit you

To ensure your Zoom Rooms are a success, we provide the best networked microphones, iPad touch controls, high-quality speakers, built-in sound bars, Crestron control systems, high definition displays, meeting room booking panels, digital signage and more.

There are many devices and peripherals on the market today, but we’ve done the hard yards of testing, trialing and integrating hardware into a wide variety of conferencing environments. As the world’s first Zoom Gold Certified Integrators you can rely on our AV experts to take away the clutter and install the most effective hardware required to create the ideal Zoom Room for your business.

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The best hardware for your zoom room

The MVS Zoom hardware bundles we create are made up of various pieces of market leading kit. Commonly used Zoom Room equipment we use to build-up your ideal Zoom Room includes:

Zoom hardware to transform your video conferencing capabilities

Logitech PTZ webcams

With Logitech webcams, you can rely on superb picture quality every time. MVS provide the Logitech webcams that are ideal for your room. Reliable high-quality HD video is assured every time with PTZ webcam technology by Logitech

MVS Audio Visual supply, install, manage Zoom hardware and conferencing systems

iPad Control in Dock

Your Zoom Room is so easy to control with an iPad. Take full advantage of Zoom’s powerful and simple touch controls and voice commands. Control your conference room easily, with an iPad in Dock.

Zoom hardware to make business communications quick, easy, effective

Intel NUC PC

The Intel NUC is a powerful mini PC. MVS will custom build a compact PC which is specified to provide the ideal central control system for your meeting room.

Zoom hardware by leading UK suppliers MVS Audio Visual

MXA910 Ceiling Microphones and VoIP DSP for a high-quality VoIP system

MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones deliver configurable and invisible audio coverage from above, for rooms of any size or shape. MX310 Desk Microphones provide a premium networked array microphone that captures high quality audio and provides flexibility in a wide variety of conferencing environments.

Zoom hardware for Zoom rooms supplied by MVS Audio Visual

Shure MX310 Desk Microphone and Network Audio interface

Shure desk microphones are premium quality networked array microphones that capture high-quality audio, designed specifically for a range of audio visual conferencing environments.

Revolabs Conference Phone for Zoom Room

Revolabs UC1500 Conference Phone

Revolabs conference phones combine superior speaker, microphone, and audio processing technologies. Revolabs phones set a new audio standard for conference calls, desktop audio, and PC communication tools.


Digital signage screens

MVS are digital signage experts. Whether you want to use digital signage in your Zoom Room to display internal messages to your teams, marketing messages to visitors, or a client presentation, we are one of the UK’s leading providers of digital signage solutions. We can provide the best digital signage for your Zoom Room, to display your content including images, presentations, videos, menus, websites, adverts and more.

Zoom video conferencing

Built-in ceiling speakers, sound bars and webcams

With a Zoom Room installation by MVS, say goodbye to a mess of tangled wires, dangling cables and a plethora of dongles. Our expert audio visual engineers can install the best hardware seamlessly into walls and ceilings. With expertly integrated built-in audio, your boardroom, meeting and conference rooms will be the tidy, organised and professional environments you need to get business done.

Evoko Meeting Room System

Meeting room booking systems such as Evoko

Say goodbye to double booking, confusion and interrupted meetings. MVS can supply the next generation Evoko room booking system for your Zoom Rooms. A market leading room management system, Evoko is the original touch screen booking system.

Types of Zoom rooms we commonly provide

Zoom Hardware for Huddle & Small Meeting Rooms (1 – 7 people)

Create collaborative spaces that empower small teams to get work done. Why compromise? MVS can supply the most cost-effective Zoom hardware for your small rooms, so you can outfit all of your rooms and not just the ones you can afford to.

All MVS Zoom hardware packages come with the most appropriate Logitech webcams, so you can rely on superb picture quality every time. We also supply the best-match microphones, control systems and audio speakers for your needs and room.

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Zoom video conferencing transforms business communications

Zoom Hardware for Medium to Large Meeting Rooms

MVS can bring high-quality, hassle-free, reliable Zoom conferencing to your meeting rooms by providing various affordable hardware kits. Our packages for medium to large meeting rooms include a variety of hardware options that allow businesses to get the most from the space they have available.

In addition to supplying the best control systems, cameras and speakers for your space, our packages for conference rooms also include the best input hardware to match your requirements, from market leading manufacturers including Crestron, Shure and Revolabs.

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Zoom Hardware for Board Rooms (up to 20 people)

MVS will customise your boardroom to meet your unique needs, taking full advantage of Zoom Rooms support for multiple cameras and displays. Our experienced audio visual engineers will ensure that you will receive the best hardware that your boardroom can handle.

There is a range of webcam options available from MVS, including facial recognition, automatic pan and tilt and HD quality, as well as ceiling speakers, sound bars and mics.

The right Zoom hardware for boardrooms makes meetings and conferences easier, quicker and more productive.

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Zoom Hardware for Large Space Presentation Areas and Town Hall Meetings

MVS will supply the best hardware to ensure high quality audio in large open spaces such as presentation areas and town hall meetings. Whether you require on-table or built-in microphones, seating positions are fixed, or presenters need to talk on the move, MVS will provide the ideal microphone and speaker setup for your space and requirements.

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Zoom Hardware for Mobile Karts

We can provide the hardware to build-up a portable video conferencing system, ideal for sharing audio visual hardware between multiple rooms. Two Logitech PTZ Pro cameras provide full 120 degree coverage. A compact Intel NUC PC and iPad provide a low profile control system to enable easy moving. Our Mobile Kart hardware forms a high quality, easy to install, portable system, suitable for single screens.

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