MVS are video wall solution experts. We supply, install and service video wall systems to clients in london and across the UK.

Discover the latest video wall systems from MVS, one of leading video wall solution providers in London and across the UK. A wide range of industries and situations can benefit from having a video wall installed. Here at MVS, we have many years’ experience in supplying, installing and servicing video wall systems and digital signage solutions for retail, education, restaurants, hotels and airports, to grab and hold attention.

Our large team of expert video wall installers mainly operate in London, but we also design, install and maintain video wall systems for clients across the UK including Milton Keynes, Reading, Bristol and Bournemouth.

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Caviar House Prunuer video wall 2x7 14 Screen Portrait Video Wall with processor, installed T5 Heathrow Airport June 2016

Tailor-made Video Wall Systems To Captivate Your Audience

If you would like a more bespoke video wall set-up to really captivate your audience, we can offer a range of customisation designs to make your video wall stand out from the crowd.

Our expert MVS AV designers can create a video wall solution in any shape or formation; portrait or landscape. Our experienced installation engineers can fit the perfect video wall to suit your needs.

For those who want easy access to their video wall for maintenance, just as our London client Morgan Randall, we can install your video wall on a rollertrack. If it is a crystal clear, high brightness image you are after, we suggest choosing Dynascan screens.

With multiple screens, it is necessary to install an appropriate processor to ensure that the content is seamlessly displayed. With our experience, we know a lot about the best processors to use for certain sized and shaped video walls.

Whatever you want to achieve from your video wall system, we can work with you to design the perfect audio visual solution.

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Heathrow Airport Video Wall Case Study

Bespoke video wall for Caviar House & Prunier - Heathrow T5

MVS designed a 7x2 portrait video wall, installing the LG Screens with a bezel width of 3.5mm in 55″ super-narrow bezel display.

The selected screens displayed 4K content and so a Datapath dL8 distribution amplifier was installed to allow simple control of resolution and frame rate.

This video wall solution was cost effective whilst achieving a professional and exemplary result.

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More Video Wall Case Studies

3x3 9 Screen Portrait Video Wall on rollertrack system, installed London August 2016

Why Choose MVS For Your Video Wall?

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    MVS have been installing video walls from various manufacturers for over 30 years. Our team of video wall specialists have been expertly trained on installation & calibration to guarantee a first class visual.

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    Whatever you want, we can design and install a video wall suitable for your requirements. Our video wall solutions can be bespoke and elaborate or cost effective and efficient. Our specialists will always get the most out of your budget.

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    National Coverage

    As with all our services, MVS operate across the UK and our centrally located team we can perform efficient audio visual installation of your London video wall or a video wall in other areas such as; Milton Keynes, Reading, Bristol and Bournemouth. No matter your location in the UK, let MVS manage the whole video wall process.

Video Wall Installers

Our team of specialist video wall installers are well experienced at fitting systems into any setting. Whether you want a landscape or portrait, large or small video wall, we will work with you throughout the process to ensure that the end product meets your needs and expectations.

Video walls can be fitted in a number of ways, from directly fixed on a wall bracket to being suspended from the ceiling.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your video wall requirements.

Watch our short timelapse video of a 2x2 video wall being installed into the offices of Admedo London AV installation:

Video Wall manufacturers we choose


High quality screens are important to display enticing visuals. The purpose of video wall screens is to provide an incredible visual experience for those who look at the display. Adverts, information or videos are often shown on the screens, crystal clear and bright images are a necessity.

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Mounting and positioning of the screens to a wall, ceiling or floor. There are hundreds of brackets on the market, offering multiple options for the most effective way of mounting a video wall. The choice depends on your budget and the size of your video wall.

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Peerless AV
B Tech AV Mounts


Vital for seamless display when using multiple screens. If you have multiple screens and want to display one image across the entire wall, you negate the need for a video wall processor. Processors allow you to crop and manage multiple sources onto the video wall without losing the quality of the image.

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Controlling what appears on the screens and when. MVS can help you establish the best way to distribute the content across your video wall. We can utilise the industries best products to get your screen working to an optimal level and displaying your chosen content.

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