What is a restaurant music system?

Restaurants cannot rely on the quality of their food to keep people returning time after time, generating a good atmosphere is key to success. Premium background audio systems ensure that the quality and volume of the chosen music is consistent throughout the restaurant, enhancing the customer experience by being able to create a mood for any situation.

MVS ensure that every restaurant music system they install is easy to operate and provides high quality sound as well as benefiting from complete coverage at a range of volumes, which are suitable for a number of situations.

Benefits of restaurant audio systems

A restaurant music system allows staff to be in complete control of the ambience; from peaceful at lunch time to more lively for evening service, background music is crucial to forming an enticing restaurant environment. Everybody likes to feel relaxed when they are dining out, playing the right music through a high quality audio system can have an impact on consumer behaviour, increasing the possibility of them returning and ultimately helping your restaurant business to succeed.

The benefits are not limited to your customers; music can also play an important role in keeping staff motivated and jolly which will further contribute to forming an appealing atmosphere.

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Restaurant music system at Le Restaurant da Paul, London installed by MVS AV
Le Restaurant de Paul London
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Appropriate systems for restaurants

MVS work with some of the leading brands in the audio system industry. Bose Pro, Yamaha, Cloud Electronics and C-Burn are a few of the big names whose products we incorporate into our high quality background audio systems. We design and provide you with the complete audio solution for your unique requirements and budgets. Some of our most popular restaurant music systems include solutions from two audio system giants:

A Bose Solution MVS install incorporates DS16, DS40 or DS100 speakers with with a Freespace 3 subwoofer and either a Bose Powermatch 4500 or 8500 power amplifier depending on the audio coverage required. The greater wattage speakers (DS100) give a fuller range, perfect for a restaurant that wants to be loud and enticing on a Saturday night but quieter and relaxed on Tuesday afternoon.

Another popular solution is a Yamaha Commercial Audio set-up; installing VXC series commercial speakers that are powered by a number of PA2030 amplifiers and controlled by an MTX digital mixer is an ideal cost effective restaurant music system.

Our restaurant audio solutions are compatible with managed music systems such as C-burn. Their service provides you with playlists tailored to your musical requirements, with access to 40 songs per month as either a CD or an online playlist. You can have as much input as you wish in selecting the music; if you want them to handle it they will choose all the music for you. Your personal playlists can be scheduled to commence and end whenever you want so you don’t have to worry about changing the music during service.

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Why you should choose MVS to install your restaurant music system


We have been designing and installing audio systems for over 25 years; our UK wide audio experts have the resources, expertise and experience to fully equip you with a bespoke background music system that will deliver audio excellence. We can provide site surveys and free quotations, to learn more please contact our Restaurant Music team on 01202 861696.

MVS also offer maintenance and training to ensure that your background music system is functioning at its maximum capacity and that you will see the full benefit of fitting your restaurant with an audio system.