11 South Square is a leading barristers chambers specialising in all areas of intellectual property law, located in Chancery Lane, London. As with all industries, the requirement for face-to-face meetings is essential to a business and barristers are no exception to this rule not least when teams/colleagues are dispersed across continents. Such widespread placement of expertise and functions require expensive travel costs and valuable time wasted. There is a better way to keep cases on the move. Video calling and conferencing is technology’s answer to better team communications, it lower costs and it is proven to increase efficiency of a meeting in comparison to a phone call.

MVS designed the audio visual solutions in two boardrooms for 11 South Square alongside Superior Interiors, who were carrying out the refurbishment of the offices. The system needed to be easy to use, flexible and ultimately cost effective. The boardroom consists of 55” Sharp displays, Bose DS16 speakers powered by a Cloud amplifier and the Starleaf videoconferencing system. There is connectivity from all devices including a PC to the screen and the addition of a desk plate to keep the aesthetics of the room pleasing as previously the room had cables running up walls and along floors.

The reason MVS chose Starleaf as opposed to some of the other options on the market was twofold; the flexibility of the system with remote access for up to 60 users allowing colleagues to join calls from the comfort of their own home or when away from the office and unable to get to a video conferencing station. Secondly, cost. The Starleaf solution came in considerably cheaper than some of its competitors, up to 50% for a like-for-like solution and offers a higher capability than most of the other systems.

The system operates via the ‘Cloud’ and can be deployed with minimal training or IT support, the system is managed through a single web portal. All calls are encrypted and authenticated ensuring any discussions remain confidential. Finally the system has total inter-operability with all existing video and telepresence installations (H.323/SIP) guaranteeing 11 South Square can communicate with other systems across the UK and the rest of the world.

“The system was simple yet flexible, priced on a budget yet delivering professional quality to the client” says Alistair Maher, National Account Manager for MVS Audio Visual. “The support from Starleaf throughout was exceptional; they arranged a demonstration of the equipment at one of their offices in Canary Wharf and were able to answer any technical questions from the client. This was pivotal for the client as they were able to see the full range of functions of the system as well as being able to sit in front of the system and use it.”

Customer: 11 South Square
Categories: System Design, Consultancy, Installation
Skills: Video Conferencing, Meeting Rooms

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