Bose Pro Music Systems – CAU Restaurants

Following the success with Gaucho Restaurants, MVS were introduced to the CAU chain of restaurants to enhance their audio systems.  There was a similar emphasis to audio coverage and quality.

MVS designed the new system to offer enhanced bass coverage as well as well distributed mid to high range audio.  MVS achieved this by using the Bose Powermatch series of amplifiers to power Bose DS40F ceiling speakers and Bose B1 sub-woofers across all zones.  By using the Bose Powermatch amplifiers MVS were able to fully EQ the systems to achieve the most out of the systems in their individual environments.

MVS have installed these systems at Didsbury, Glasgow, Reading, Wimbledon, Henley, Guildford, Bristol, Liverpool, Blackheath, Wilmslow, St Katherines Dock and Kingston .

Customer: CAU Restaurants
Categories: Consultancy, System Design, Installation
Skills: Background Music Systems

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