Who is the client?
MVS has recently been working with FinancialTech company Pageant Media, a London based business who offer financial products and services. Established in 1998, Pageant Media now has over 200 employees with offices all around the world.  

What did we do?
MVS worked with Pageant Media directly to establish exactly what they required. We had to find a suitable meeting room AV solution for 2 of their meeting rooms, the company presentation space and the CEO’s office space.

We installed a 75 inch screen, PTZ webcam for video conference calls, which are typically carried out via Skype for Business, an audio system built into the ceiling with ceiling microphones and a wireless presentation system. We also installed an audio digital signal processor (DSP), to ensure that the sound quality was perfect and stopped any feedback coming through whilst on calls.  The room was controlled, in it’s entirety by a central control system from Crestron.  The interface specified was an ipad mounted on a table dock system from i-Port that can also be removed and moved around the room for other participants to control the meeting.  

The second meeting room had a 55” LG display a Barco Clickshare for wireless presentations, a Phoenix audio conference phone and finally, an SY electronics wall controller for ease of use; no wires or remotes are required.

The CEOs office was a simple set-up with a 55 inch screen mounted on a Unicol ceiling mount with Barco Clickshare connected.

The company presentation area boasts a back-to-back 65 inch display screen for presentations with an integrated audio system.  The screens are also capable of display live TV for major sporting events and other occasions.  The space is multi-purpose and acts as the staff breakout with a large bar; we wanted our client to enjoy their “down time” they spend in this space so we installed an audio system for their party nights!

Which products were used?

  • Sonos Connect – Audio system in presentation room
  • LG – 75’’, 65’’ & 55’’ screens used across all 4 rooms
  • Crestron – iPad with docking station & custom built programme for full control in meeting room
  • Barco Clickshare – Installed in both meeting rooms to allow staff to quick share, making presentations easier.

How has this helped the client?

The meeting room AV solution installed by MVS have resulted in a faster, easier and more productive way staff and clients to communicate across the world. There’s no inconvenient, confusing systems and no time is wasted when setting up for a meeting.

“MVS have provided us with a seamless, easy to use solution for our London office, all the staff agree that the meeting room equipment that’s been installed has made daily tasks much simpler and quicker and they love the audio system in the staff breakout area! The MVS installation and management team were a pleasure to work with and we will use them again in the future.’’ – Global Office Manager, Pageant Media 

If you would like to find out more about our AV projects in London, you can view our case studies here.

If you are interested in a meeting room AV solution with MVS or would like to speak to an expert, contact us on 02034 111630.

Customer: Pageant Media, London
Categories: Video Walls, Meeting Room AV & Background Music
Skills: System Design, Installation

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