Who is the Client?
With over a team of 300 people across London and Barcelona, Zopa believe a loan should be there to help you, not hold you back. Zopa offer simple loans and smart investments for the past 13 years and are shaping the future of finance. With expansion to a new HQ in Barcelona, the business is growing nationally and have a motivated and well-equipped team to execute the Zopa mission. Lending more than £3.74 Billion to UK customer’s since 2005. Zopa have partners than include Airbnb, Metro Bank and many more.

Project Details
MVS were approached to design and install the AV solution for the new ground floor office acquisition of Zopa. The business moved into their new 1st floor office the previous year and engaged with an alternative AV Integrator to carry out the works. Zopa were unhappy with the original works and when they expanded to the Ground Floor they wanted an improved service and solution and that’s where MVS excelled.

The project included 1x Boardroom, 6x meeting rooms, 1x large presentation area (Town Hall) with staff breakout area and multiple office display screens connected to a central content system.

What did MVS Install?
Boardroom & Meeting Rooms – These rooms were simple and effective in design to maintain a consistent approach throughout their office. We used large format displays alongside Barco ClickShare and the Logitech Group collaboration solution to manage the video conferencing for the business. In addition to the Barco ClickShare was a HDMI cable, presented within the desk for hard wired connections to the screen.

Presentation Space / Town Hall – This space is the hub of the office for regular, company-wide meetings with the US and other offices worldwide. A laser projector was used to display content, Bose Audio was selected for their quality and stylish aesthetics for a sound system that can accommodate presentations, conference calls as well has have the ability to handle a party for the office when Zopa decide to bring the staff together in the evenings. Biamp TCM-1 intelligent, ceiling microphones were used for the voice pick up during video conference calls with a central Crestron control system to bring all the AV together in a single, easy-to-use touch controller.

Open Office Displays – We also installed ceiling mounted displays throughout the office on Unicol bracketry running back to a simple central distribution system for internal company information and communication.

Background Audio – Further Bose speakers were installed throughout the office to deliver background music. MVS integrated the control of the audio into the Crestron control of the Town Hall space.

Which Brands were used?

  • Crestron
  • Bose
  • Logitech
  • Hitachi
  • Biamp
  • Screen International

How has this solution helped Croud?
Previously Zopa had simple AV equipment, poorly installed with cables everywhere.  MVS have tried to limit the amount of cables and improve the quality of presentation/conference calls.  The Town Hall space is now a professional area where the company are able to carry out high-quality meetings with the entire team regardless of their location; presenters are audible and are able to communicate more effectively with the team as a whole at the click of a button.

The TCM-1 ceiling microphones in the Town Hall makes conducting a video call a seamless experience without the need to hold onto a handheld microphone.  The microphones provide even coverage across the whole area and presenters can move around during presentations with no audio drop out or distortion.  The Crestron touch controller makes the whole experience easy for all staff regardless of their technical ability.

Meeting rooms are clean, simple and easy to use.  Barco Clickshare has helped keep the desk space clean and tidy for employees to use.


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Customer: Zopa. London
Categories: Video Conferencing , Meeting Room AV & Background Music
Skills: System Design, Installation

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