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Polycom Video Conferencing Brings Teams Closer Together

Polycom video conferencing, with RealPresence room solutions, extends the productivity and efficiency benefits of face-to-face meetings beyond the conference room. Polycom’s enterprise grade collaboration solutions enable improved efficiency, productivity and collaboration, at the click of a button.

The intelligent software and flexible design of RealPresence room solutions deliver an exceptionally lifelike virtual meeting experience, every time… for remote and on-site participants.

Polycom video conferencing solutions are the next best thing to being there

Why Are Polycom Room Collaboration Systems Market Leading?

The RealPresence product family from Polycom is a suitable fit in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Polycom video conferencing makes it easy for participants to collaborate and communicate, regardless of where they are physically located.

Why choose Polycom Video Conferencing For Your Business?

If you require streamline communication between your employees, partners and suppliers, then Polycom video conferencing is essential for your business. The following benefits make Polycom one of our top choices for video conferencing:

  • Breakthrough ease of use – including touch interface options and unique SmartPairing™ technology, making it simple to use your own Apple iPad tablet to start and manage video calls.
  • High-performance technology – that reduces network bandwidth costs and delivers true-to-life collaboration experiences.
  • Customisable and expandable options – equip all of your different conference rooms and meeting spaces. From huddle rooms and open workspaces, to traditional conference rooms, Polycom video conferencing solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern workspaces.
  • Quick to deploy and easy to manage – Polycom have made their RealPresence systems easy to deploy, designed with a modular approach and the versatility to include everything you need both now and in the future.
  • High impact collaboration – Polycom provide enterprise-level video conferencing, voice and collaboration experiences to encourage innovation and accelerate effective decision making.
  • Saves on travel – Polycom understand that workforce collaboration needs are changing, conference and meeting spaces need to adapt with them. Polycom video conferencing solutions are optimised for modern workspaces, of all shapes and sizes.
  • Integrated – Polycom RealPresence integrates with Skype for Business, to maximise voice and video collaboration, to facilitate even easier communication.

If you would like to discover more about video conferencing solutions and how MVS can help you with an efficient, cost effective installation, contact our team on 0203 4111630 or click to contact us online.

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