Blue Jeans Cloud Based Video Conferencing

The Blue Jeans Cloud Based Video Conferencing platform extends high quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. Finally, you have access to everyone you want to meet.

Blue Jeans can bridge together business and consumer video conferencing solutions, enabling you to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and your social network.

Blue Jeans video conferencing platform benefits

  • System Agnostic. 
We harmonize with most business and consumer video conferencing endpoints. Just tell everyone — colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, even your social network — to BYOD (bring your own device) to your meeting.
  • Frustration-free. 
Schedule and host meetings from our easy and intuitive Web interface. Just click a link or dial a number, then control the show as Administrator for a better meeting experience for all. You’ll be thanked afterwards.
  • Content and Video Sharing. Share everything from slides to trailers to budget tracking spreadsheets with all participants in your meeting. We help you to collaborate effectively and globally with anyone, on any device.
  • Cloud-based.
 All you need is a video conferencing device and someone to meet; we’ll take care of the rest. Expensive infrastructure, complicated configurations and “pre-meeting practice drills” can be checked at the door.
  • Scalable and Secure. Invite up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to connect with confidence to our secure service. Relax — we’ll hold the velvet rope to guard against uninvited guests.

Universal Interoperability

With industry-leading interoperability, Blue Jeans removes the technical barriers between conference room systems, computers, mobile devices, and applications. Software solutions include browser plugins and apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, while native support for Chrome and Chromebooks welcomes guests with no download required. Local numbers in cities and countries around the world ensure that anyone with a telephone can join the collaboration.

Multi-Party Meetings and Large Events

Blue Jeans supports up to 100 interactive participants in a meeting, making it perfect for everything from global team meetings and online training to sales calls and HR interviews. Need even more room? The Primetime events service scales up to 3,000 participants for town halls, training, and and other large-scale video events.

Global Cloud Service

Built from the cloud-up for flexibility and scale, Blue Jeans makes it easy to migrate from hardware-constrained solutions to an easy-to-manage cloud service. Unlike hardware or software-based MCUs, there’s no appliance, server, or operating system to purchase and maintain. With Blue Jeans, you extend both the capacity and capability of your IT organisation: we take care of the video so you can take care of business.

Mobile Devices and Computers

Work is an activity, not a place. With apps for both iOS and Android, Blue Jeans lets you join video meetings from your mobile phone or tablet. You also get the broadest selection of software solutions for computers with Blue Jeans apps and browser plugins for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. With native support for Chrome and Chromebooks, participants and guests can enjoy a fully-featured experience without ever downloading or installing an application or plugin.

Rich, HD Content Sharing

Share your latest marketing slides or budget-tracking sheet in high definition, up to 1080p. Dual-stream support ensures the quality of both the video feed and shared content on computers, mobile devices, and room systems with one or two screens.

Secure Meetings

Blue Jeans delivers secure, enterprise-grade cloud deployment. With Firewall / NAT traversal, Service Organisation Controls (SOC) 2 completion, encryption, and IP VPN deployment options, you can meet with privacy and confidence.

Enterprise Ready

IT staff can utilise a centralised admin console to add and manage users, as well as set access permissions and passwords. Blue Jeans also supports single sign-on (SSO)and integrates seamlessly into your Outlook or Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

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