Barco Clickshare

ClickShare For Easy Wireless Presentations

Barco ClickShare is a range of wireless presentation products that allows users to wirelessly transmit from their device onto a connected screen or projector, with a simple button click. ClickShare is very easy to operate. Simply plug the USB ClickShare button into your device, or download the app, then click the button to share whatever is displaying on your device to everyone in the room.

Barco ClickShare provides a single integrated system to seamlessly share content between the wide range of different devices, participants now bring and expect to use in meeting rooms.

Display the content of your smartphone, tablet or laptop on a central meeting room screen with the click of a button.

With the easy content sharing that Barco ClickShare enables, all participants can be more actively involved in decision making processes.

The Barco ClickShare Product Range

The ClickShare range of wireless presentation devices serve the same purpose – to allow the user to wirelessly transmit content from their device onto a central screen. The CS-100 is ideal for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms, for bigger areas the CSE-200 and CSC-1 enable network integration and allow for more users.

Barco ClickShare CS-100

If you’re looking to fit a wireless presentation system into a larger room, you will need something more advanced. The CSE-200 and CSC-1 are more developed alternatives that enable network integration operation, allowing multiple users to display their devices on the screen.

Where To Use Barco ClickShare

Wireless presentation systems are often used in office spaces, hired meeting spaces, hotels, schools and universities. The Barco ClickShare systems are particularly easy to operate and don’t require any training, which means that whenever you need to share something from your device it’s incredibly easy to arrange.

Advantages Of Wireless Presentations

Wireless presentation systems, such as Barco ClickShare, bring a range of benefits to the meeting or presentation rooms in which they are installed. The main advantage of Barco ClickShare is the simplicity of the devices. ClickShare is literally ‘plugin and go’, it is very easy and quick to set up. There is no need to install any additional software, meaning that anyone can use the system to share the display of their device.

Being wireless, using ClickShare as your presentation system means that meeting rooms no longer need to be cluttered with a mess of tangled wires. A wireless system helps ensures that the room always looks tidy and professional, which is important if you’re aiming to impress! In addition, the lack of cables reduces the risk of the system not working properly due to a faulty wire or damaged connection.

MVS are Barco ClickShare distributors. Our experienced AV consultants can carry out site surveys to help you assess which audio visual solution would be best suited to your business and its individual needs. If you need a wireless presentation system installed, or would like to find out more, speak to one of our team on 01202 861 696 or contact us online.

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