Crestron Flex

Crestron Flex meeting room systems that work for you, every time, anywhere.

Crestron Flex is a range of unified communication and collaboration hardware for modern meeting rooms.

It provides a video conferencing, wireless presentation and room management solution that brings a consistent user interface in any space in which they’re installed. With ‘one touch to join’ integration with leading collaboration platforms including Skype for BusinessMicrosoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

Crestron Flex powered meeting rooms provide more up-time with less demand on your support resources.

Crestron Flex unified collaboration technology working for you

Crestron Flex is supported by Crestron XiO Cloud, allowing you to deploy, manage, and monitor your Crestron meeting room hardware from your web browser.

Say goodbye to wasted time and the typical frustrations of organising meetings, setting up AV equipment or joining a conference call. It delivers a single simple, consistent experience, every time and wherever it is installed.

Control everything in your meeting room

With Crestron Flex, you have the option to add the power of Crestron Control to your meeting room. This system allows you to control the room’s AV, lighting, blinds, and climate all from your Crestron Flex touch panel.

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Crestron Flex compatibility

Crestron Flex is compatible with a host of unified collaboration platforms including Microsoft TeamsZoom Conferencing and Skype for Business, making your meeting rooms video conferencing ready.

Zoom integrator logo

Zoom Rooms

The Crestron Flex works seamlessly with Zoom Rooms to create simple ‘one touch to join’ video conferencing, and easy collaboration.

Crestron Flex for Skype for Business

Skype for business

Designed to work natively with Skype for Business video conferencing, Crestron Flex  intuitively lets you join meetings with just one touch.

Crestron Flex for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Crestron Flex solutions provide native ‘one touch to join’ Microsoft Teams functionality in every meeting space, of every size.

Hardware for a variety of meeting room sizes

The Crestron Flex provides hardware solutions that are scalable around your various sized meeting rooms. See the M Series, B Series and C Series options below.

Crestron Flex M Series - M100, M130 and M150

The M Series

For small to medium size rooms.

UC-M100-T – Table Top Audio Only Device

UC-M130-T – Table top video device supporting single screen with entry level Logitech webcam

UC-M150-T – Table top video device supporting dual screen with Huddly Go camera

Crestron Flex B Series - the B130, B140 and B160

The B Series

For small to medium size rooms. 

UC-B140-T – Wall mounted sound bar with integrated Huddly Go camera, with table top 10” touch panel, supporting single screen video

UC-B160-T – Wall mounted sound bar with integrated Huddly Go camera, with table top 10” touch panel, supporting dual screen video

Crestron Flex C1360 C series -

The C Series

For larger meeting rooms where advanced cameras and microphones are required.

UC-C160-T – Powerful UC engine to support dual screen video, with 10” touch panel – webcam and audio systems designed to fit your room

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