Engage and inspire your students with effective audio visual equipment

Having an efficient and modern audio visual (AV) system in your school, college or university is key.

The correct AV equipment allows teachers and lecturers to communicate effectively, whilst also helping to make lessons engaging and students more productive.

What can MVS help you with? As a trusted supplier to leading schools, colleges and universities, we know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all' solution.

Although every AV solution must be individual, equipment we commonly install include:

AV in Education

MVS Audio Visual can provide a free AV site survey and subsequent report with recommendations

Auditorium av


Effective and efficient AV equipment can aid an educational centre in providing a superior learning environment where students of all ages and abilities can benefit from. Teaching areas we often install specialist audio visual systems into include some of the following:

Lecture theater AV

We have installed solutions for lecture theaters across the UK, when you are trying to communicate to large groups of students it's important to have the facilities that will allow them to interact, learn and engage with the information you are trying to get across. As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a popular approach, you need a system that has seamless connectivity when required allowing students to receive the information they need quicker.

Classroom AV

From a small projector screen to a large video wall, having classroom AV is key to your teaching methods.

Digital signage, Audio and AV for communal spaces

Ensuring that your students and staff are still motivated outside of the teaching spaces, it's important to consider what AV you could install in the communal spaces around your school, college or university. This could include TV screens and audio for the cafeteria or digital signage in the library.

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We've worked with many schools, colleges and universities in the UK, with recent projects including:

  • Pearson College | London | Classroom AV and audio installs
  • Essex University | Conference room AV install and maintenance
  • Bedales School | Petersfield | Lecture theater AV
  • Sheffield University | Video walls
Audio Visual in Education